Cooking Classes


If you interested in learning more about Sicilian cooking or if you are looking for that perfect holiday gift, consider cooking classes at Eolo.

We offer private Sicilian cooking lessons that incorporate cooking technique instruction with a hands-on approach and a taste of Sicilian culinary history.

Sicily is a cultural crossroads and that is reflected in its contemporary cuisine. Your lesson will be both memorable and educational. Classes are tailored in advance to your cooking skill level. Exact dishes are planned in advance to fit your desires and dietary needs.

Classes accommodate anywhere from two to twenty-five guests. Large group classes are ideal for parties.

Included in the price of each cooking class package is a hands-on learning experience with one of our-chef instructors. After your lesson, you are then invited to enjoy the meal you prepared in our dining room, with a complimentary glass of Sicilian wine, a beer or a soft drink.


1.The Basics of Sicilian Cooking: This class teaches you basic techniques in order to make traditional Sicilian dishes. Includes a lesson about Sicilian culinary history.

2. The Basics of Cooking Pasta: For beginner home cooks: For those on the go, learn how to create fast, yet delicious pasta creations. Minimum 3 hours. For advanced home cooks: Chef Melissa will tailor a special class with you, prior to your lesson.

2. Cooking Seafood, Sicilian-style: Learn how to cure, cold-smoke, marinate, stew, roast, grill or sear seafood, with Sicilian flavors. (Subject to an additional charge, depending on the specific seafood chosen for the class)

4. The Meatup: Learn the ideal techniques for roasting, braising, sausage-making or grilling with your favorite type of meat. (Subject to an additional charge, depending on the specific meat chosen for the class)

5. Holiday-themed class: Designed to fit the exact holiday you would like to learn about, prior to the class.

6. Ricotta-making: Learn how to make your own ricotta and how to prepare savory and sweet Sicilian dishes such as manicotti, pasta with ricotta, sfinci or cannoli.

7. Create your own lesson: Choose the dishes you would like to learn, prior to your class.

Tummala del Gattopardo_2

Timballo of “The Leopard” stuffed with baby meatballs and pasta – a cooking class favorite

For more information, fill out the following form and we will contact you within two days.

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