Eolo’s Feast of Saint Rosalia

Santa RosaliaJoin the Eolo family on Sunday, July 17th between 4pm to 7pm for our mini-festival in honor of the Feast of Saint Rosalia. In Palermo, where Saint Rosalia (also known as “La Santuzza”) is the patron saint, a festival in her honor is held annually on July 15th. (At Eolo, to accommodate families from New York and beyond, we hold all of our cultural feasts on Sunday afternoons).

Enjoy live music by Rosa Tatuata, a Sicilian music group, led by Michela Musolino, a marvelous entertainer and leader in the realm of folk song and dance of the island. A Native of Sicily, Michela will be singing odes to Saint Rosalia. Meanwhile, Eolo will serve traditional dishes for the festival, which consist of Palermitan summer street foods, along with other Sicilian dishes.Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.33.44 PM

$48 per person (not including tax or gratuity) includes unlimited food, two glasses of Sicilian wine from our featured organic winery, Feudo Montoni, and a “front row” seat for the show which unfolds in the midst of our dining room.

Featured traditional street food dishes will include: 

  • sfincione (thick pizza-like bread with tomato, onions and breadcrumbs)
  • panelle (chickpea fritters)
  • crocché di patate (potato fritters)
  • babbalucci (snails)
  • la pollanca (grilled corn on the cob)
  • mini brioche with gelato (ice cream stuffed in brioche bread)
  • Additional Sicilian  dishes including salads, arancine, caponata and multiple pastas and desserts will be served. And we’ll be preparing a traditional Palermitan version of “Pasta con le sarde” with wild fennel, sardines, raisins and pine nuts.

santa rosalia palermo immagineSaint Rosalia was born in the 11th century to a noble Norman family in Palermo. As a young girl, devoted to Jesus, she fled to a grotto in the Mountain of Cammarata, where she lived for 12 years in mediation and prayer. She later moved to a cave in Monte Pellegrino, the mountain that stands tall over the city of Palermo. In the 16th century, during a devastating plague, she appeared in spirit form to a few people in Palermo and told them where on the mountain to find her relics. She urged them to carry her bones three times around the city in an procession to stop the plague, which soon after came to a full halt. Since then, Palermitans have venerated Saint Rosalia and hold an annual  festival in her honor every July. During our festival, we will provide more anecdotes about the life and story of Saint Rosalia. 

For Reservations, either call Eolo at 646.225.6606, or fill out the following form:


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