This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day at Eolo


We are now accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day 2013. 

This year, we will be offering an à la carte menu, including our most popular signature dishes and some unique Sicilian Valentine’s Day specials. 


This menu is subject to change up to four days in advance of Valentine’s Day, based on market availability and on the whims of the Eolo kitchen team.

Dinner will be served with a surprise bite from the chef before your meal, and an after-dinner cordial. 




Our Mid-Winter Dinner Menu Commences Tonight


Grappe lu pititu  {appetizers}

Antipastu di lu iornu Daily selection of seasonal vegetable antipasto       1 for $5,   3 for $15

Passaluna Warm black cured olives, orange rind & rosemary  4

Bruschetta cu ricotta Bruschetta with house-made ricotta, drizzled with 10

pepperoncino-laced honey & dusted with pistachios

Mozzurella cu pipi Buffalo-milk mozzarella with roasted peppers,                                     15

capers, sicilian oregano & black olive paste

Arancini di risu Rice balls stuffed with Sicilian meat ragù & primo sale cheese 12

Purpu cu ciciri Charred octopus with a chickpea puree, confit potatoes & carrots  16

Tagliere di tomatsu Sicilian specialty cheeses, nuts & honey                       18

Piattu di salumi           Platter of cured Italian meats with eggplant caponata, 22

Castelvetrano green olives & grilled country bread (for two)

‘Nsalate  {salads}

Agrumi e finocchiu Citrus segments, shaved fennel, mixed lettuces, 13

red onion, cracked black pepper, pistachio & orange oil

Rucula e pinoli Arugula, radicchio, pine nuts & shaved parmesan 12


{house-made bronze-extruded pasta dishes}

Wheat-free pasta is available for substitution

Ravioli cu salsa pumarola   House-made ricotta ravioli, radicchio, tomato sauce & currants      19

Reginette cu ragù di carni  Long curly pasta with a short rib ragù & pecorino cheese foam           12/23

Bucatini cu le sarde Thick hollow spaghetti with fresh sardines, fennel,                      13/25

tomatoes, brandy-soaked raisins & pine nuts

Busiate cul tunnu Short twisted pasta with tomato sauce, yellowfin tuna,           13/25

black olives, Sicilian oregano & capers

Pasta cu brocculi biancu  Ridged penne pasta with roasted cauliflower, saffron,           11/21

pine nuts & garlic-parmesan toasted breadcrumbs

Gnocchi cu conighiu Ricotta dumplings with a braised rabbit cacciatore stew     24

Tummala del gattopardu  Baked pastry timbale layered with pasta, ground beef-tomato sauce,      26

baby meatballs, caciocavallo, boiled egg & peas  (baked to order in 20 minutes)

Secundi ni pisci   {seafood entrées}

Tonnu i capunata Seared yellowfin tuna with a pine nut cream, cippollata      30

& a crunchy caponata of eggplant, zucchini, celery, raisins & pine nuts

Pisci spada cu capperi Grilled swordfish steak with capers, shallots, anchovy     29

& a roasted cauliflower gratin

Capesante al rosamarinu Rosemary-skewered seared scallops with orange                                       32

braised fennel & a roasted carrot puree

Cuscusu di pisci Toasted almond couscous with pan-roasted swordfish,      35

shrimp, mussels, bay scallops & crabmeat in a saffron-tomato broth

  Secundi di pollame i carni   {poultry & meat entrées}

Gaddina al fornu Braised garlic & rosemary chicken with onions,           19

potatoes, butternut squash & fennel

Carni brasatu Braised short rib with creamy polenta,                                 29

grilled mushrooms & radicchio.

Contorni  {sides}

         Creamy polenta with a mushroom sugo                 11         Potatoes with spinach & caramelized onions  9

         Cauliflower gratin with garlic & breadcrumbs        9          Grilled radicchio with a balsamic glaze          8

Kindly inform your server of any food allergies before you order

20% Gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more  

Monday Nov. 5th Dinner Menu


Post-Sandy Autumn Dinner Menu

Eolo, Italian for Aeolus, is ruler of the wind. According to mythology, Eolo lived on a small, volcanic island off the coast of Sicily and was a favorite among the Greek gods. He gave Odysseus a bag filled with wind to speed his historic voyage home. Nearly there, Odysseus’s curious crew opened the bag, the winds escaped and their ship was pulled back to the Sicilian archipelago.

From the beginning, Sicily has been a cultural crossroads, inhabited by the Greeks, Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, Jews, Normans, Bourbons and beyond. Sicily has kept several elements of these cultures and incorporated them into its own. At Eolo, food is thought to be a source of great pleasure as well as an insight into the culture and history of Sicily.


Grappe Lu Pititu  {Appetizers }



Bruschetta cu Ricotta Bruschetta with house-made ricotta, drizzled with 10

pepperoncino-laced honey & dusted with pistachios



Arancini di Risu Saffron rice balls with a ground meat-pea ragù & primo sale cheese 12


Purpu cu Ciciri Rosemary charred octopus with chickpea puree, confit potatoes & carrots  16


Tagliere di Tomatsu Sicilian specialty cheeses, apple & green olives 16


Mozzurella Buffalo-milk mozzarella with roasted peppers, tomato & pesto 15


Vongoli in Brodu Littleneck clams steamed in a tomato-white wine broth & spicy peppers15


Zuppa di Lenticchi Lentil soup with tomato and vegetables and warm spices 10


Antipastu di lu Iornu Ask your server about today’s cold vegetarian antipasto     1 for $5,  $3 for $13




‘Nsalate  {Salads }


Agrumi e Finocchiu Citrus segments, shaved fennel, mixed greens, red onion 14

cracked black pepper, pistachio & orange oil

‘Nsalata di Rucula Arugula, radicchio, pine nuts & parmesan 12


Bresaola cu CarciofoliAir-cured beef, arugula, preserved artichokes, lemon oil & parmesan 15





Primi  {Pasta Dishes }


Pappardeddi al Ragù  Pappardelle with a spiced short rib ragù & a pecorino cheese foam    12/23

Orecchiette cu Ricotta   Orecchiette with tomato sauce and ricotta 9/17

Cavateddi cu Cavufiori   Cavatelli with cauliflower, caramelized onions, raisins, 11/21

pecorino cheese & pine nuts


Tagliateddi cu Pisci Tagliatelle with shrimp, bay scallops 15/29

& crabmeat in a cherry tomato-white wine sauce





Secundi ni Pisci   {Seafood Entrées }



Tonnu i Capunata Yellowfin tuna with a pine nut cream, sesame 30

cippollata & a caponata of eggplant, zucchini, celery,

golden raisins & pine nuts

Capesante cu Zucca Seared scallops with butternut squash 29

& brussels sprouts with sage & pistachio




  Secundi ni Pollame i Carni   {Poultry & Meat Entrées }


Gaddina al Rosmarinu Roasted half natural chicken with fresh herbs, 19

potatoes, onions & peppers



Agneddu Brasatu Braised leg of lamb with mashed potatoes & lamb jus 27



Tagliata di Carni Grilled skirt steak with fingerling potatoes, arugula, 28

parmesan & cherry tomatoes



Contorni  {Sides }


Sauteed broccoli raab with garlic 12         Charred brussels sprouts & pancetta   10




Kindly inform your server of any food allergies

20% Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more  

Tonight’s Specials June 7th 2012


Antipasto di lu Iornu 1 for $5,  3 for $13

  • Eggplant Caponata
  • Roasted Peppers with Pine Nut Breadcrumbs
  • Burrata & Crispy Speck
  • Broccoli Rabe, Olives, Ramp Oil & Pecorino Pepato
  • Chickpea Puree, Chopped Tomatoes & Grilled Bread
  • Buffalo-Milk Mozzarella & Semi-dried Tomatoes
  • Lemon & Orange Salad, Red Onions,  Black Pepper
  • Spicy hot Calabrian Pepper, Young Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Grilled Eggplants & Zucchini

Cozzi in Brodo di Erbe    14

PEI Mussels in a Mint-Basil Broth with Grilled Green Onions & Red Pepper-Black Olive Tapenade on Grilled Bread

Bisque di Salmone     14

Chunky Salmon-Tomato Bisque with Dill Butter

Flan di Mais cu Alagosta     19

Savory Corn Flan with Lobster Tail, Roasted Corn, Oyster Mushrooms & Chive

‘Nsalata cu Crescione ai Lamponi     15

Wild Watercress Salad with Orange, Spring Onion, Goat Cheese, Pistachio & Fresh Raspberry-Shallot Vinaigrette


Pasta alla Puttanesca     14/27

Strozzapreti with Sicilian Anchovies, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Garlic, Salted Pantelleria Capers, Spicy Calabrian Peppers & Green Castelvetrano Olives

Pappardelle cu Funghi    16/31

Sweet Carrot Pappardelle with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Pachino Dried Tomatoes, Asparagus, Fava Beans & Saffron-Peppercorn Piacentinu Cheese


Capesante cu Finocchiu    32

Pan Seared Scallops with Caramelized Fennel & Pea Shoot Salad, Toasted Almond Puree & a Blood Orange Reduction

Tagliata al Cacao       34

Cocoa-Rubbed Grilled Tri Tip Filet, Black Pepper Polenta, Sauteed Lamb’s Quarters& an Aged Sicilian Pecorino Cheese Sauce

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Prix-Fixe at Eolo

Sunday May 13, 2012

Along with our regular menu, Eolo will be offering 

a special holiday prix-fixe menu at lunch.

$38 per person (not including tax or gratuity)


First Course

your choice of: 

Zuppa d’Ortaggi

Cup of Potato & Asparagus Puree with Fava Beans, 

Peas, Asparagus, & Basil Pesto


‘Nsalata del Contadinu

Radicchio & Corn Salad with Roasted Beets, Asparagus, 

& Goat Cheese rolled in Dried Herbs


Purpu cu Patate

Charred Octopus with Crispy Potatoes, Chickpeas, 

Pickled Onions, and Arugula Pesto


Bruschetta cu Ricotta

Grilled Bread with House-made Ricotta and Spicy Honey 

dusted with Pistachios

Second Course

your choice of:

Pappardelle al Cacao

Cocoa Pappardelle with a Braised Rabbit Ragu 

Cherry Tomatoes & Thyme


Tagliateddi al Ragù di Tonnu

House-made Tagliatelle Pasta with Yellowfin Tuna, 

Cherry Tomatoes, Capers, Olives & Sicilian Oregano


Manicotti al Fornu

Crêpes stuffed with Spinach, Mushrooms, Ricotta, baked with Béchamel, 

a Roasted Pepper-Cherry Tomato Sauce & a Pecorino Cheese Foam 


Cuscusu di Pisci

Almond & Saffron Couscous with Halibut, Bay Scallops, Crabmeat, 

Shrimp & Mussels in a Saffron-Tomato-Mussel Broth


Agneddu Brasatu

Pasture Raised Lamb with Sunchoke Puree, Asparagus Tips, 

Preserved Artichokes & Mushrooms


your choice of:


Ricotta Doughnuts Filled with Orange Pastry Cream 

& a Bitter Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Torta di Cioccolato

Flourless Molten Chocolate Cake Served with Chocolate Orange Gelato


Gelato or Sorbetto

House-made Gelato or Sorbet