Ferragosto Celebration at Eolo


Ferragosto is an Italian holiday celebrated on August 15th. The Catholic church celebrates the holiday as the Assumption of Mother Mary to Heaven. However, before the Roman Catholic Church came into existence, the holiday was celebrated in the Roman Empire as a day to celebrate the fertility and ripening of the harvest as orchestrated by the pagan gods, in particular Diana. The name Ferragosto comes from the original Latin name for the holiday, Feriae Augusti, or Festival of the Emperor Augustus.

Today, throughout Italy, the holiday is celebrated with bonfires and grilling at the beach, street festivals and large family meals often celebrated in the countryside. 

The following Ferragosto celebration with live music and a raffle for a cooking class with Melissa at Eolo will take place on Monday the 15th during dinner service. The special prix-fixe menu, however, will be available from Friday August 12th to Monday August 15th.

The idea behind the menu is a family style meal that promotes sharing. Our banquette will be turned into a communal table for the evening to resemble the large family tables that are iconic of such feasts. The dishes are all prepared with fresh produce from nearby farms in celebration of  our local bounty.  Expect lots of eggplants in different sizes and shapes, as well as sweet tomatoes, summer squash, purple carrots and stone fruits.

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